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The Confluence

You can spend so long away from the divine that you get hungry. It’s not like hunger in your stomach or thirst in your mouth, but an unnamable itch that gnaws at you until you have to go home. That’s why I went to the cabin each summer. Last summer I arrived there for a […]

Snorkeling through the Worlds

Eight years ago in February, we visited Hawaii with Rabbi Zalman Schacter-Shalomi. Reb Zalman, who passed away a year and half ago, was my husband’s teacher and the beloved founder of the Jewish Renewal movement. Please leave a comment and let me know if you enjoyed this piece. Snorkeling through the Worlds A spiritual retreat […]

A Path Through Snow

The whole thing was Bonnie’s idea. At three in the afternoon on December 24, time forChugim activities at camp Hashomer Hatzair winter camp, my best friend Bonnie turned to me and said, “Let’s ditch.” “What for” I asked. “I have an idea.” Bonnie leaned in close so I could see her hazel eyes were bright, […]

Death Takes a Holiday

  On my walk through nearby woods yesterday I paused in a stand of trees when something caught my eye. It wasn’t one of the Cedar Waxwings or Dark-eyed Juncos that I’d been watching flit through the greenery. A gauzy grey ghost hung from a mailbox, swinging ominously in the morning breeze. Of course, it’s […]

Demographics of the Heart

For sixteen years my readers were mainly imaginary. In order to write a book proposal, though, you have to answer the question –What’s your demographic? Who are your readers? So, I imagined:  they’re female, Jewish, Baby Boomers. In other words: me. I’ve been sitting at my desk on and off for sixteen years, thinking about […]

The Signing

  I don’t buy pens very often. The serious pens that were once a requisite for a writer’s life have been overshadowed by the computer. This is all the better, since small objects are hard for me to keep track of. Pens and reading-glasses slip willy-nilly out of my purse, getting plopped in odd places […]

A Mixed Marriage

This is an article I wrote ten years about having a “bi-coastal” marriage. Still true, I think. Let me know what you think! A Mixed Marriage (For “My Turn” column in Havurah Shir Hadash Newsletter, 2004 ) My husband, the famous Rabbi of Havurah Shir Hadash, does not think I am Jewish. This is not because […]